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OEM Mercedes Vinyl Material courtesy of d:class automotive. Please contact us with your requirements for our very best price


Mercedes Palamino Vinyl 00369 2014 + black with middle coarse grain 00562 Alpaca grey middle grain 00667 Vito anthracite middle course grain 00972 E-Class beige grey with grain 01969 black with very fine grain 09061 B-Class grey with Catania grain 09063 crystal grey with Lugano grain 09071stone beige with Lugano grain 09162 grey with Catania grain 09072 beige with Lugano grain 10553 Marakesch grey with Lugano grain 10564 grey with Lugano grain 10569 black with Lugano grain 10573 beige with Lugano grain 10575 Savanna beige with Lugano grain 10972 Java beige with middle grain 11062 E-Class Sierra grey with Catania grain 11074 beige with grain 11163 Orion grey with grain 11273 cashmere beige with grain 11467 E-KL-Class anthracite black grained 11618 red with Catania grain and foam scrim 12175 beige with grain and foam back 12176 beige with grain and 5mm foam and scrim 15269 2013 + Sprinter anthracite vinyl with mesh top foam and scrim 15269 2013 + Sprinter anthracite vinyl with mesh top foam and scrim 19028 dark blue perforated 19029 dark blue perforated 19065 grey perforated 19069 black perforated 19070 beige perforated 19072 mushroom perforated vinyl 19074 java beige with perforation (not all the way through)and grain 19118 1980 - 1994 middle red 19127 1980 - 1994 blue 19129 marine blue perforated 19135 green with middle grain 19137 1980 - 1994 dark olive green 19157 Henna brown with smooth grain 19162 Quartz grey with grain 19164 grey with green back 19170 1998 + Shell beige 19172 mushroom vinyl 19173 1980 - 1994 mushroom beige 19176 1980 - 1994 Palomino beige 19190 black with smooth grain 19190 black with smooth grain 18718 dark red vinyl with basket weave 18736 green with basket weave 18727 dark blue with basket weave 18738 green with basket weave 18751 cognac brown with basket weave 18756 cognac brown with basket weave 18758 dark brown with basket weave 18762 grey with basket weave 18765 grey with basket weave 18766 grey with basket weave and cloud 18769 black with basket weave 18776 beige 2 tone with basket weave 19114 W107 W126 red with star perforation 19118 W107 Bordeaux red with star perforation 19134 W107 W126 petrol green with star perforation 19138 W107 W126 dark olive green with star perforation 19139 W107 W126 dark green with star perforation 19157 W107 Sienna brown with star perforation 19159 W107 W126 brown with star perforation 19172 W107 W126 mushroom beige with star perforation 19174 W107 W126 dattel beige with star perforation 19178 W107 W126 saffron beige with star perforation 19219 dark red with star perforation and course grain 19228 blue with star perforation and coarse grain 19272 beige with star perforation coarse grain 19274 beige with star perforation coarse grain 19276 dark beige with star perforation and course grain





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